Alex Who?

Alex Clark is a comedian, animator, and Youtuber most known for his self-titled animated youtube channel “It’s Alex Clark” where he has amassed 3.4 million subscribers. He’s a Streamy nominee, a 4 time People’s Choice Award winner, and the Chicago Tribune says “his viral videos are funny”. You can see him live on his nationwide 2019 tour. Tickets available at the link below.

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To have your fan art showcased post it to twitter/insta with #alexclarkfanart.
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After spending countless years animating every last detail of every video alone Alex had an epiphany. Cartoons don’t make themselves! Their must be another way!? Soon after, Alex expanded his team to include some of the most talented animators and storytellers in the business. Alex Clark Studios offers a full-service animation team that can take your idea from start to finished product.


Chris Taniguchi
After graduating from Laguna College of Art + Design in 2016, Chris made it his goal to make things move in a funny way for money. As lead animator he now helps other people move things in a funny way for money..


Penny Lane Morales
After submitting countless impressive fan arts, Penny was offered an internship. With a natural born gift for animation Penny climbed the ranks from intern, to animation assistant, and now junior animator. We could not be more proud.


Jeff Fam
Jeff is an animator from Sao Paulo, Brazil, He loves to draw and is addicted to Candy and Cartoons! As a junior animator he is highly skilled in both character design and puppet animation. Credits include Brum and Friends and People Watching.


Riley Trela
Riley is a writer and stand-up comic from Indiana. He performs all over Los Angeles, has written for the CBS Diversity showcase, and is one half of the sketch group Modem.