This is how it happened…

I'm a comedian, animator, Youtuber, & former-juggler (seriously), GQ model (not serious, but there's potential).  I know that’s an interesting mix of hobbies, so let me explain how it all went down:

I grew up watching Aladdin over and over again, I LOVED that movie.  I thought I wanted to be an animator, but after a few art classes drawing nude models for 3-hours I thought "this is weird I'm 11" and realized my true passion wasn't animation - but what I really loved was watching Robin Williams play the Genie. This began my life long passion for comedy.  I started out performing in Boston, MA. I would watch juggling street performers entertain crowds all weekend and head home with piles of money. This seemed like a far better option than my many comedian friends who were scraping by on non-paying comedy club gigs. So I grabbed a set of juggling clubs and learned to juggle. Eventually, I traveled world wide performing on street corners like this one in Christchurch, New Zealand (I realize this sounds ridiculous).

 I've been lucky to perform in 7+ countries, but was always bummed that as soon as the show was over, the audience was gone.  That's when I found Youtube and remembered how much I loved animation as a kid.   I figured that cartoons would be a great way to promote my stage career and thought I'd give it a shot.  

What started out as a hobby in 2009 has quickly ( a real slow quick) turned into a full time job.  I've won 4 People's Choice Awards, was nominated for a Streamy and currently entertain 3.4 million subscribers with my cartoons.  

My career has been a ridiculous crazy ride, but if it's proof of anything it's that you should chase your dreams.