the great $400 scavenger hunt

Typically when you play this game teams each receive a copy of the below list. Teams may have any number of people on them ( We would play with 4 - 6). Each team has a set amount of time to take as many of the photos as possible. (I'd reccommend 2 hours for the list below) At the end of the allotted time, teams return to the starting point and whichever team has the most points ( took the most photos) WINS.

If you would like to use this list to play with your friends just for fun I highly reccomend it. It's super fun. For the $400 prize we're going to play by a slightly different set of rules. See below for how you can win $400.


  1. Take as many of the below photos from the below list as you can.

  2. Get a few family or friends to help you on this and form a team.

  3. Please be safe when taking photos and DO NOT break the law.

  4. From the photos you take, post your favorite 4 photos to INSTAGRAM or TWITTER

    • In your post include: #THE400DOLLARHUNT @itsalexclark

    • Make sure the photos you pick are creative, silly, and stand out

    • All photos must be included in ONE post.

  5. There is no time limit for this. Instead, you have until November 30th at 11:59 PM PST to post your photos.

  6. You, or someone on your team, must appear in all photos.
    (each photo needs a team member in it)

  7. You must be 14 or older to enter. If you are under 14 find someone older to be on your team and appear in the photos.

  8. You must take these photos yourself, they may not be google image searches or photoshopped in any way. You may not take photos of computer screens.

  9. On December 8th, 2019 at 10 AM PST a winner will be announced at


    • The point totals do not matter in this version of the game. Instead, we will pick our favorite 50 posts and place those names into a hat. From there we will randomly pick a winner and announce it right here.

    • Our favorite 50 posts will be chosen based on creativity, sillyness, and fun.

    • For your post to be eligible it must include 4 photos that are all separate items from the below list.

      -Good luck

1 point items

  • You standing inside a bus

  • You sticking bacon out of your mouth ( like you’re sticking your tongue out )

  • You holding a dog

  • Doing push ups in a department store

    • +2 if there is a sandwich in your mouth

  • You Dabbing

    • +1 for each person dabbing in the photo

  • You Impersonating a statue (standing next to the statue)

  • You leaving a comment on .a Mr. Beast video that says “I know you’re Santa, Alex Clark agrees”

  • You standing in the Hamilton pose on top of a giant star (cardboard or chalk star for example)

  • 2 people in a shopping cart

    • + 1 point if you are inside a store

  • Entire team holding hands around a mailbox

  • You planking on a dining room table

  • You standing in a trashcan

    • +1 for each person in the same trashcan

  • You Rubbing a bald persons head for good luck

  • Entire team saluting a mailman ( mailman must be in uniform)

  • You with a milk mustache

  • Entire team going down a slide

  • You in a Spiderman pose on top of a jungle gym / monkey bars/

  • You doing the floss dance in front of a dentists office

  • You hugging a cashier with the check out area in the background

  • You posing like a model, laying on a towel, in front of a school

  • You balancing a watermelon on your head

  • You wearing Alex Clark Studios merch and holding money like a baller….

  • You fist fighting a fire hydrant… make it an epic freeze frame pose

  • You doing a crab walk in a crosswalk


  • You proposing to a librarian ( must be in a library)

  • You standing on the side of the road with a sign that says “Will work for Fortnite skins”

  • You T-Posing on top of a parked car

  • You jumping off a swing (you must be mid-air in photo)

  • You with 4 slices of pizza in your mouth

    • + 1 for each additional slice, up to 10 slices

  • Entire team’s reflection in something other than a mirror

  • You riding one of those mechanical toy horses they have at malls

    • Must be in awesome cowboy pose

  • You wearing the same clothes as a mannequin, posed right next to the mannequin.

    • Must be an identical outfit

  • You giving someone a piggy back ride inside of a fast food restaurant

  • You kissing a stranger on the cheek

  • You with a ridiculous mustache drawn onto your face with marker

  • You getting a stranger to subscriber to your favorite Youtuber

    • cough cough Alex Clark

3 point items

  • You dressed as Alex Clark’s evil sister

    • must have pigtails and pink dress

    • +2 for each person in a sister costume

    • +2 if you are riding a Poopaca

  • You eating a donut with a police officer.

    • +3 if you’re both eating 1 donut “Lady & the Tramp” style

  • You eating an ice cream cone while jumping through a sprinkler

    • Must be mid air, sprinkler must be shooting water

  • You licking a relative/friends face ( Don’t tell them you’re going to do it )

  • Entire team in kung-fu poses inside a police station

    • + 2 if the police do it too

  • All team members on all fours, like wolves, and howling at the moon, in a store doorway

  • 1 Team member duct taped to a wall / tree

    • + 9 points just cause its hard